Elf Bar: The Perfect Accessory for Your Hammock Lounge

A hammock is a perfect place to lounge after a long day, trip, or work week. Once you get on either your indoor or outdoor hammock, you quietly hope that you don’t get any disturbance. Anything that keeps you moving in and out of that position is a no-no. Well, except the need for a smoke that does not respect that rule!

Replace Smoke with an Elf Bar

Well, thanks to the growing popularity of vape bars, the need to smoke doesn’t need to unseat you anymore. A brand like the Elf vape bar has 600 puffs meaning it can serve you for hours as you lounge on your hammock. It is a single use disposable bar, making it a clean accessory to have with you.

Furthermore, the bar eliminates numerous risks that come with smoking. It is a healthier alternative for you without taking away the nicotine aspect. Secondly, since it is smoke without fire, a vape bar makes your hammock safer. The very nature of hammocks makes them unsuitable for any thing that can cause fire – cigarettes included. People often use hammocks as reading spaces, and the books can also easily catch fire from a cigarette butt.

With a vape bar, no ash tray is needed, meaning the lounging area stays clean throughout. Ash trays can be easily toppled, spilling trash all over the place. These bars are easily available online and quite affordable. They come in numerous flavors – watermelon, Mango, strawberry, peach ice, grapefruit, and more. Just the perfect companion for your well-deserved hammock lounge.