Baby Hammocks Benefits

Hammocks are not only designed for adults. There are specially designed hammocks for babies to sleep in. It is known to be safe and comfortable for babies. Some parents attest that their babies sleep better and longer in a hammock and even trade the crib for the piece of fabric made of natural fibres and woollen mattress. This happens because they have encountered many benefits in using it. For example, baby hammocks allow the child to feel as though he still were in the womb, thanks to a cradled environment. Feeling this familiar sensation makes the baby more secure so that he will sleep deeply. Added to that, this sleeping option is better for babies, because it reduces their stress and distributes their weight, avoiding them from developing a ‘flat head’. Besides, when babies are sleeping in hammocks, their heads are naturally elevated. This position is good for them since it really helps with chronic reflux.

In addition to that, baby hammocks keep babies laying on their back, which makes this position one of the safest for them. What parents do really appreciate with this product too, is that, when babies wake up, they can easily get back to sleep on their own, because of the gentle swinging they feel. And even if they grow and start wiggling, the baby hammock’s waves will settle the child back to sleep. Like the adults’ hammocks, baby hammocks are also lightweight and portable. For the parents who often eat out or visit their friends or family’s place, this kind of hammock is fascinating, because no matter where they are staying, the baby can get to sleep easily in a place he is already familiar with. Unlike a crib, a baby hammock follows the baby’s movement. However, even if this item is appropriately designed for babies, it is only appropriate and safe for them from birth to about 18 months old. This type of hammock can hold up to 15 kg (33 lbs) and does not allow the baby to roll over.

Baby hammocks might be popular nowadays; however, some parents prefer co-sleeping with their babies. It is important to emphasise the safety aspects of the furniture while purchasing a baby hammock for your child. The only disadvantage of this item is that later on, the baby will have to grow, and he is going to learn to crawl then stand. When this time arrives, the hammock will not be a safe place any more, because he will fall and hurt himself.