Hammocks are Good for Your Back

There are several benefits of using hammocks. Apart from providing total relaxation, sleeping in hammocks is indeed recommended by therapists for its effects on our spinal disc compressions. They have found out that hammocks are really appropriate to those who have back pains. Getting some hammock time would make your back muscles relaxed and give you a peaceful feeling. If you are sitting the whole day at work, laying in a hammock once back home would be the best cure for you.

It has been proven by Dr Steven Park, that the optimal sleeping position is to sleep on our back with our head elevated at 10 to 30%. This position is precisely what we have while sleeping in hammocks, whereas sleeping in beds forces us to move continually looking for better positions. It is possible to recognise a good hammock because your body forms a V shape when you lay in it. It is essential to make sure that the two ends of the hammock should be put higher than the middle to get the right position. If the user sleeps in the exact laying position, it is sure that his body will recover quickly.