Creative Places to Hang Your Hammock

You might think that home is the only place you can hang your hammock, but you need some adventure to do things out of the ordinary. Nature provides a lot of calm and natural places where you can set up your hammock and have a great time. There are some wildly creative places you can do that. Here are a few unusual ideas.

On Rooftops

Most rooftops offer breath-taking views. Finding a building will increase your view diameter, and this in itself is an adventure. Ensure the rooftop you select has strong pillars and railing that will support your weight. After which you can kick up your feet and enjoy the view as you relax and sunbathe the afternoon away.

Under Bridges

A bridge will offer a scenic view of the water and the environment, especially during a hot summer afternoon. Look for a bridge with little traffic and pedestrians. The beams making a bridge are usually very strong, so you can tie up your hammock securely and kick back for the rest of the afternoon. This may not be your thing if you have a phobia of heights or water bodies though.

Football Goal Posts

Many football fields around the cities are not always being used. Walk into one of them and hang your hammock securely in one of the goalposts. Ensure there is no practice set for that day unless you want to be the players’ hanging target. Don’t forget to ask for permission to avoid being sued for trespassing.


Sometimes finding a spot suitable and strong enough to hang your hammock can be tricky and tiring. However, there is an alternative way you can hang up your hammock even without posts or beams. It is by using a hangout hammock stand. This gives you the freedom to quickly set up anywhere and everywhere you go, even on the beach.