How to Make a Hammock in a Simple DIY Project

It’s always fancy to have a hammock on your porch or back yard where you can relax on a sunny afternoon for a sunbath. You don’t have to spend a fortune paying someone to make and install one for you. With the following materials and instructions, you can make a simple hammock for your backyard. The project should be both fun and productive.

Materials Required

  • A piece of fabric measuring 50 by 100 inches.
  • A pair of scissors
  • One-inch leather strapping
  • Sewing machine
  • A heavy-weight canvas/cotton muslin.
  • A strong rope
  • Cotton twines
  • A ruler or a tape measure


  • Lay out the fabric on a flat surface and cut it up into a rectangle. Fold an inch on both of the long sides and sew them up.
  • Cut two two-inch strips from the fabric and spot one strip flush with the highest point of the hammock. Fold the fabric over and sew it to make a durable two-inch trim. Repeat the procedure on all the other sides.
  • Cut 18-20 leather hammock strapping into equal six-inch length for both sides.
  • Fold the strips in half and create three-inch loops. Sew the two loops on the top and bottom side of the hammock at about five-inch intervals. The loop ends should hit at least a two-inch seam.

Ensure you go over each loop at least twice to enhance strength.

  • Cut the ropes at least eight inches in length according to the number of loops you have. Loop the ropes through the loops on the hammock and fold them in half such that they will be at least four inches long when folded.
  • Take all the loose ends and tie all of them into one big knot. Cut all the loose ends and wrap another piece of rope around the loops. Wrap the rope around as many times as possible for maximum strength.
  • Now take the complete hammock and tie it up between two trees strong enough to hold your weight.

You now have your hammock ready for you to lounge or read in!

Extra: You may decorate your hammock with throw pillows of your choice.